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  1. New Members Introduction
    Hey all nice to join you here. I’m an experienced biker from the UK. I’ve had loads of bikes but they were all practical commuters/ adventure bikes. But I now work from home and am dead set on a new rebel 1100. There are a few things I was hoping you guys could answer….. I’m 6’2 with short legs...
  2. Honda Rebel Issues And Problems
    Anyone else experiencing a significant amount of wiggle in their throttle grip. It rattles and sounds plastic'y. Is this standard for the rebel?
  3. Honda Rebel General Discussion
    Hello, I'm in the market for an affordable cruiser to learn on so obviously the rebel is a serious consideration. But I'm 6'2. Skinny, but still 6'2. The guy at the dealership said my legs would be an issue with how high they would sit. I personally didn't find much of an issue with it. Any...
1-3 of 3 Results