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  1. Exhaust And Headers
    This weekend I installed the Arrow slip on exhaust on Sammy, my green 2022 Rebel 500, and I'm really satisfied with my purchase! With the db killer on (I'm european, so I should always go around with that mounted) the sound is similar to the OEM, just a bit deeper and with a bit more character...
  2. New Members Introduction
    Any tips/tricks to clean and repair scratches on honda cmx500 and 300 stock mufflers?
  3. Exhaust And Headers
    In case anyone was interested this is my Shorty GP Baffle Mod I tested it throughout October here in Alberta, and did not get any Power Loss or Overheating. Haven't tested in 25C+ Weather yet though, Definitely will put out another Video this Spring. Making separate Bike Mods Post.
  4. Exhaust And Headers
    I know the Arrow headers have been reviewed but does anyone know anything about the Black Widow and/or PR2 headers? The Black Widow is close to the same price as the Arrow but the PR2 is much cheaper. Black Widow is from UK and PR2 is from Thailand which kind of explains the cost...
  5. Exhaust And Headers
    Can somebody confirm if removing catalytic converter in the exhaust on the 300 is a problem? I want to get a better sounding slip on for my bike, but i am reading conflicting advice, some say you need to re-tune if you change the exhaust, some say no mention about it at all, and some say it...
1-5 of 5 Results