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  1. Modifications Discussion - Past, Current, and Future!

    Appearance Modifications
    Firstly, a happy and probably hot July to you all! With not much else to do aside from work, ride, and stew in my own thoughts during The Plague, I've spent an obscene amount of time researching and planning mods. Now, I haven't made my Rebel purchase just yet as I'm still saving up a big 'ol...
  2. Looking for a compatible bluetooth OBD2 interface

    Greetings, I recently purchased this 4 pin adapter to use with this OBD2 Interface: but I can't seem to get it to interact with the ECU. Is it the 4-pin to 16-pin adapter or the Bluetooth interface that's the problem? I wanted to monitor the RPMs and other stats using Torque Pro. Don't think...
  3. 2020 Rebel 300 Saddlebag Bracket

    Appearance Modifications
    I have a 2018 Rebel and I want to use the saddlebag bracket of the 2020, can I use it? Is the same distance in both years where you attach the bracket? Please let me know