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  1. De Pretto Moto Forward Controls Kit dimensions?

    Accessories And Add Ons
    Does anyone here have the exact dimensions of a De Pretto Moto Forward Controls kit? I just think it's outrageous that they can charge £450+ for a few bits of fabricated metal. I think anyone with a DPM Forward Controls kit could do a lot of good in the world by sharing the dimensions of this...
  2. Racingbros Suspension

    Suspension And Brakes
    Like many, I made the mistake of doing my first mod a few months ago, and since then I have fallen further and further down that rabbit hole. My latest adventure has been looking into aftermarket suspension options after seeing a few posts about them on here. I am aware of the YSS and Ohlins...
  3. Modifications Discussion - Past, Current, and Future!

    Appearance Modifications
    Firstly, a happy and probably hot July to you all! With not much else to do aside from work, ride, and stew in my own thoughts during The Plague, I've spent an obscene amount of time researching and planning mods. Now, I haven't made my Rebel purchase just yet as I'm still saving up a big 'ol...
  4. Newbie from the Midwest saying hi!

    New Members Introduction
    Hey all! Newbie from the Midwest here. :) Just purchased my '19 Rebel 500 in October 2019. Of course, I bought it in Minnesota so I only put about 250 miles on it before I had to garage it for the winter. But, I can see riding season on the distant horizon and I am super excited to start...