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  1. Honda Rebel Issues And Problems
    I have a 2021 Rebel 300, going on almost a year now. After purchasing it, I noticed on my very first night ride the high beam projected a noticeable "SQUARE" of light down the road. Having no frame of reference with another Rebel, chocked it up to being "normal". It wasn't necessarily an issue -...
  2. Honda Rebel Member Bike Showcase
    Stock at dealership -banana seat Stock headlight and turn signals -New LED headlight and turn signals -also had to install a LED blinker relay to fix hyper blink Side arm bag -installed drag bars -handle bar end mirrors -installed a shorty exhaust and paint bombed the hardware -vinyl...
  3. Honda Rebel General Discussion
    Hi guys and girls. This is a United Kingdom exclusive question. I'm looking at LED headlight conversions for my 2019 Rebel. Here in the UK we have some pretty stringent laws on headlight pattern and positioning I've had two bikes fail MOTs on aftermarket LED bulbs in the past. I'd like to...
  4. Honda Rebel General Discussion
    I just purchased my Rebel a couple of weeks ago. Last week I had the optional headlight cowl installed on my bike and love the look of it, but now my headlight is pointing down drastically. I looked around the assembly, but it looks like it can't be pointed up any further. Is there a way to...
  5. Electrical
    Being that a 2020 already comes stock with LED lights all around, do I still need a relay when changing the turn signals to different led signals?
  6. Accessories And Add Ons
    As we all know the new 2020 came out, and with it came the new cluster, front and rear lights, upgraded suspension, and a new clutch. Now what im wondering is, would it be possible to take the front and rear lights, as well as the cluster and fit it on a 2017-2019 model year bike? Or if anyone...
  7. What did you do to your Honda Rebel today?
    Got the headlight, tail light and all turn signals converted to LEDs and in doing so, got rid of the infamous brick tail light. Any questions about doing so, feel free to ask, it was a fun project
1-7 of 7 Results