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  1. New Members Introduction
    Hey everyone. My name is Matt, and I am new to the forum. I am also now officially the owner of my first bike, a 2021 Honda Rebel 500ABS SE! After speaking with a few dealers in the Pittsburgh area, I finally completed the purchase process yesterday, and the dealer is expecting delivery by the...
  2. 2017+ Honda Rebel Issues And Problems
    Hey folks, I'm new to the riding world. Just passed my DAS (direct access course) and loving being out on my rebel 500. Though I'm getting proper frustrated and annoyed at the lack and price of customisation options for the bike here in the UK! Everything is well overpriced compared to other...
  3. Honda Rebel 300, 500 & 1100 General Discussion
    Hey rebel team, I’m wanting to fit a twin exhaust on my 21 500, just wondering if anyone has done so and what did you do with the o2 sensor?? Cheers team stay upright
  4. 2017+ Honda Rebel Issues And Problems
    I bought my rebel 500 abs 2020 last month and right now it has like 450 miles on it but I just noticed that when I’m shifting up the gears why riding I could hear this ticking noise coming from the engine area getting louder while I keep shifting up. From first to second gear you can’t really...
1-6 of 6 Results