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  1. Exhaust And Headers
    Aimed towards the Aussies in this forum, particularly people from NSW. But any help is appreciated Has anybody found an aftermarket exhaust that complies with the laws surrounding decibels? Looking to go for an aftermarket exhaust that wont break the bank to much or attract the attention of...
  2. Accessories And Add Ons
    So I’m meeting with a fabricator next week to design a sissy bar he is going to make for my 1100. I like the style of the bar shown below but I’m keen for folk to add photos of any you feel would suit the rebel.
  3. Accessories And Add Ons
    Hi guys I’m a new owner, first time. Located in Australia, Have not had much help from local dealerships regarding finding websites that show me all parts, accessories (genuine and aftermarket) and calling Honda they just direct me to the delarships. Any website recommendations would be great...
  4. 2017+ Honda Rebel Issues And Problems
    Hi Guys, First post here. My Rebel 500 2017 (16000km) seems to be leaking coolant as seen in the pictures. Coolant level in the reserve tank is fine. Leak doesn’t seem to be severe, as I let the bike run for a while and didn’t see anything come out. I think the dried up coolant might actually be...
  5. Honda Rebel 300, 500 & 1100 Pictures And Videos
    I purchased some bags from Viking and tried installing them. I did everything right including going to a hardware store and buying the appropriate bolts for the rear fender ( which is an M8 1.25 pinch) but for some weird reason, one of the fender thing keeps moving back preventing from screwing...
  6. Honda Rebel 300, 500 & 1100 General Discussion
    Hello, I'm in the market for an affordable cruiser to learn on so obviously the rebel is a serious consideration. But I'm 6'2. Skinny, but still 6'2. The guy at the dealership said my legs would be an issue with how high they would sit. I personally didn't find much of an issue with it. Any...
1-6 of 6 Results