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forward controls

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    Well that didn't take long. Got the bike on Wednesday, first mod complete on Saturday! #1 Went to the Honda shop and had a second key made. Does this count as a mod? #2 After riding around for 4 days the knee, hip, ankle(peg) triangle is not going to work for me. At 6' 2.5" (189cm) 33 inch...
  2. Accessories And Add Ons
    Does anyone here have the exact dimensions of a De Pretto Moto Forward Controls kit? I just think it's outrageous that they can charge £450+ for a few bits of fabricated metal. I think anyone with a DPM Forward Controls kit could do a lot of good in the world by sharing the dimensions of this...
  3. My lil 500 "Patsy" Touring edition

    My lil 500 "Patsy" Touring edition

    Bought as my first bike, and ended up liking longer cruises. Everybody here knows - the Rebel is NOT very comfortable or very good at long distance rides. I made it as good as it can get at it, and am proud to call it a "touring edition".