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  1. Honda Rebel Parts
    Hi all, just sold my Rebel and looking to sell out the two things I had left from the part out. I have a Vance and Hines exhaust. I am the second owner the first one put a light scratch in it which I did my best to cover with high heat krylon it’s hard to tell in light where it’s at but I...
    $325 USD
  2. Honda Rebel Issues And Problems
    Hallo fellow riders, i have an issue with my Honda Rebel 500 from 2017. My exhaust pipe changed his color. In the beginning it was perfectly black and matched nicely with the engine. Now it is just brown… does anyone know here how to fix it? Do i have to paint or wrap it? Thanks you for your help
  3. Exhaust And Headers
    This weekend I installed the Arrow slip on exhaust on Sammy, my green 2022 Rebel 500, and I'm really satisfied with my purchase! With the db killer on (I'm european, so I should always go around with that mounted) the sound is similar to the OEM, just a bit deeper and with a bit more character...
  4. Honda Rebel Parts
    A bit too loud for me on longer rides. Sounds great though. Around 500 miles on the muffler. Few scratches around the mounting point, not something you'd see after it's installed - other than that, in excellent shape. Asking $375 shipped. Venmo preferred.
    $375 USD
  5. Honda Rebel Issues And Problems
    I'm looking for insight and advice about my Rebel 1100. The bike has 6100 miles on it. Within the last few weeks, the black paint on my left manifold has deteriorated and now is beginning to deteriorate on my right manifold. Have any of you experienced a similar problem. Can you explain the...
  6. Exhaust And Headers
    Hi guys, I bought my Vance and Hines Exhaust a few weeks ago and have thoroughly been enjoying it, but of recent I've noticed this odd spotting that I don't think I've seen anybody else talk about. I've tried to clean them off with some soap and water, but it doesn't want to come off. From what...
  7. Honda Rebel Parts
    Selling my Two Brothers exhaust with the Comp-S Silencer baffle installed for the Rebel 1100 model (does not fit the Rebel 300 or 500). Bought and installed on my bike on March 25, 2022 and used only for 6 days, 170 miles. No scratches or scuffs. Ships in the original packaging with all the...
    $330 USD
  8. Honda Rebel General Discussion
    Yeah I took the muffler off it for a bit sue me. It sounds so badass, but I don’t want to mess it up by running it with such a short pipe. I’m gonna try and find a factory muffler and cut the welds and pull the baffles out so I don’t ruin my factory muffler in case I want to quiet it down. Link...
  9. Honda Rebel Member Bike Showcase
    Stock at dealership -banana seat Stock headlight and turn signals -New LED headlight and turn signals -also had to install a LED blinker relay to fix hyper blink Side arm bag -installed drag bars -handle bar end mirrors -installed a shorty exhaust and paint bombed the hardware -vinyl...
  10. Honda Rebel Owners Registry
    Hi y'all, This is my second Rebel, the first being the 2017 CMX300 H (Hawaii). Sad story about the 300 but that's for another day. So, I have another Rebel to sort of compare with my new one. My question, is it normal for sputtering on deceleration? This didn't happen with the 300, and I am...
  11. Exhaust And Headers
    Aimed towards the Aussies in this forum, particularly people from NSW. But any help is appreciated Has anybody found an aftermarket exhaust that complies with the laws surrounding decibels? Looking to go for an aftermarket exhaust that wont break the bank to much or attract the attention of...
  12. Honda Rebel Parts
    Selling my Vance and Hines exhaust. Rode with it for like 100km, just too loud for me. Im in Portugal, but I can possibly ship it to other countries. We can check how that could cost and we can negotiate. Price: 350 euros
  13. Exhaust And Headers
    Has anyone heard of this brand, or have any experience with the exhaust system for the Rebel? Didn’t see anything on the forums regarding it.
  14. Accessories And Add Ons
    Just installed this with a bit of cursing and sweating. Too loud without the baffles but still beefy with them! Baffles just take out the roar at low revs but give it a tug n hear it sing. Love em! I know some folk are desperate for a straight through for bags but this with a kreiga dry pack...
  15. Exhaust And Headers
    Hey Everyone! I saw there are so few EU exhausts shared in this Forum, so i thought why not share a video and my experience with one of the few EU exhausts which is not only certified to use but also looks & sounds nice aswell. The Falcon Double Groove Exhaust. Completely matt black. Pops and...
  16. Exhaust And Headers
    I was wondering if anyone has come up with any solutions to quiet the V&H slip on for the 300? this exhaust is ridiculously loud. I assume this is because of the removal of the cat. Is this the case? Also, does anyone know if the bike needs to be tuned when installing this slip on because of the...
  17. Exhaust And Headers
    In case anyone was interested this is my Shorty GP Baffle Mod I tested it throughout October here in Alberta, and did not get any Power Loss or Overheating. Haven't tested in 25C+ Weather yet though, Definitely will put out another Video this Spring. Making separate Bike Mods Post.
  18. What did you do to your Honda Rebel today?
    Finally picked up my exhaust from a local distributor last week - backordered for 2 months. Happy with the look and sound! 📍 Toronto Quick vid on the streets: Link Sharing
  19. Exhaust And Headers
    I know the Arrow headers have been reviewed but does anyone know anything about the Black Widow and/or PR2 headers? The Black Widow is close to the same price as the Arrow but the PR2 is much cheaper. Black Widow is from UK and PR2 is from Thailand which kind of explains the cost...
1-19 of 26 Results