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  1. Rebel Dealers, Pricing, and Orders
    Hey, I am looking to buy Rebel 500 ABS 2021. Can someone suggest good dealer.? I am okay to travel 250 miles if needed, if so I can get the best deal including OTD etc.,? Currently they quote me around 10K+. For 6599/- MSRP, I do think it's really a bad deal. So Looking for really better options...
  2. Rebel Dealers, Pricing, and Orders
    Hi all, Just about a month ago I purchased my first bike, a 2021Rebel 500 SE, and was told by the dealer it was expected to ship to their dealer from Honda at the end of July. Unfortunately, on Friday I was updated that it was now set to ship from Honda on August the 3rd. Does anyone happen to...
  3. Honda Rebel General Discussion
    Hey Rebel fam! I went to a dealership today to finally get some face time with a 500 2017 model that had over 15,000kms on it. Asking price was $7,949 before government charges, gear and "processing fee". I didn't think that was too terrible but there was another in their stock list (from...
1-3 of 3 Results