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    Appearance Modifications
    Firstly, a happy and probably hot July to you all! With not much else to do aside from work, ride, and stew in my own thoughts during The Plague, I've spent an obscene amount of time researching and planning mods. Now, I haven't made my Rebel purchase just yet as I'm still saving up a big 'ol...
  6. Can anyone recommend a Tachometer/Speedometer Dial?

    Honda Rebel 300 & 500 General Discussion
    There's this one: Motogadget Chronoclassic Tachometer - RevZilla I like the design, it has no reviews and no Q&A though so I'm not super sure about it. then there's this one: Hardline Hour Meter / Tachometer - RevZilla Which isn't a speedo/odo/tach dash and is just a(really) small LED screen...
  7. Light cover and vinyl front fork wrap

    What did you do to your 2017+ Honda Rebel today?
    Super stoked to cover up the ugly grey bit of the light cover! Plus I did the vinyl wrap on the top fork bars, which was way easier than I thought it would be and looks great. I just bought some black stick on vinyl at a craft store, measured and cut it to size. Waiting for new grips to come...