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  1. Honda Rebel Issues And Problems
    Hello all, I have a 2017 Honda Rebel 500, and since winter I've been having issues. For a while my bike would only start with a jump start, but after turning it off and back on it wouldn't. I've had it charged multiple times by both a friend and auto stores, and when I put the battery in the...
  2. Maintenance
    Hey. Im a relatively new owner, and recently transported my rebel 500 from virginia to Nebraska. I installed a battery tender, and while its still pretty cold, there have been some weirdly warm days so i wanted to see how the bike was doing. The bike isnt starting -_- I feel like the battery...
  3. Honda Rebel General Discussion
    2018 Honda Rebel 500: Looking for a good video showing step by step installation of battery tender with pigtail for quick connection in the future
  4. Maintenance
    So i am obviously new to all this but you guys are a wealth of knowledge... I am going to have to leave my baby for about 3 months. I am guessing i need to charge it, but i am not sure of how it all works so here are a few questions... Do i need to use a trickle charger for this amount of time...
1-4 of 4 Results