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  1. Mods off my bike for sale

    Accessories And Add Ons
    Hello all! I have sold my Honda Rebel, it went without any modifications, as it doesn't add anything to the price. It was really amazing to a part of Honda Rebel community and it is sad to leave. Now it's time to free up some the garage space, so I pulled together several parts off the bike...
  2. Frustrated With Lack of Official Honda Accessories

    Honda Rebel 300 & 500 General Discussion
    I'm sure this has been brought up many times...what is with the lack of customization options from Honda? I figured they'd need a couple years to figure supply chains out, but with the new 2020 model it looks like they've just given you one option to solve the gripes with the 2017-2019...
  3. Swapping Turn Signals and Taillight for New 2020 Rebel Version

    Accessories And Add Ons
    Some of you I'm sure have seen the new 2020 Rebel and all the upgrades, anyone thinking of getting the new OEM parts to swap out on your older model bikes? I'm specifically looking at finally getting rid of the brick taillight and am really liking the circle-shaped turn signals too! Not sure if...