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  1. New Members Introduction
    I wanted to say hi! We picked up a 2020 Rebel 500 for my wife back in October. It was one of the last 2 500s in Texas, so we drove from Fort Worth to Houston to pick it up. It’s her second bike and she loves it. We recently put some risers on it and I’ve linked the video. I hope it can help someone.
  2. Honda Rebel 3 Member Bike Showcase
    Hiya! This is my Honda Rebel 500! Kept everything Plug & Play in the case I need to return to Stock. Definitely got Inspiration from the Forum Here with some of my own touches. List of Modifications and Where to Buy is in the Video Description! Have a separate video for the Shorty GP Baffle...
  3. Honda Rebel 300 & 500 General Discussion
    Anyone have experience with the VH or both exhausts that they can share? I currently have a Musarri and really dig the sound of it but like the overall look of the VH a little more.
  4. Engine Discussions
    Hi all! I'm in the market for a bigger front sprocket on my 500 to bump the highway RPM's down a tad. Does anyone who has also put a 16t sprocket up front have a link to the one that they ordered? I'm looking at the JTF1381.16- it seems right but I just wanted to double check. Also, does the...