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  1. Engine Discussions
    I hope this is the right thread to post this under, I was recommended this by my father-in-law. I just bought my 2017 Rebel a few months ago and while I was at work someone backed into it and knocked it down. It fell, shifter side down, and bent the shifter. My buddy bent it straight but it...
  2. 2017+ Honda Rebel 300, 500 & 1100 News
    Just wondering if you guys can help with 2019 rebel 300 mc49, the spark plug torque N・ m
  3. Exhaust And Headers
    Can somebody confirm if removing catalytic converter in the exhaust on the 300 is a problem? I want to get a better sounding slip on for my bike, but i am reading conflicting advice, some say you need to re-tune if you change the exhaust, some say no mention about it at all, and some say it...
1-3 of 3 Results