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  1. Honda Rebel Pictures And Videos
    I think my bike may have gotten bumped while parked with the cover on. There is a small scrape on the front fender which seems to be plastic and matte black but no other damage. I see a replacement fender is only $35, but does anyone have any experience getting scratches/scrapes out of plastic...
  2. Maintenance
    Hey guys new rebel owner here. I daily drive my rebel 500 as of now and have racked up 294 miles on it. I know there's other posts that answer this but I really want to narrow it down to the hellish city that is Fort Lauderdale and how the 90+ degree weather, unbearably high humidity and...
  3. Honda Rebel General Discussion
    Hi all! I recently purchased a 2019 rebel 500abs and I really want to replace the entire headlamp. I want to find something that will fit in the existing housing and is easy to install. I’m looking for LED for better visibility and so people can see me better. Also, at a decent price. Has...
1-3 of 3 Results