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  1. My lil 500 "Patsy" Touring edition

    My lil 500 "Patsy" Touring edition

    Bought as my first bike, and ended up liking longer cruises. Everybody here knows - the Rebel is NOT very comfortable or very good at long distance rides. I made it as good as it can get at it, and am proud to call it a "touring edition".
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  3. I want to change my 2019 headlamp to LED! Help!

    Honda Rebel 300 & 500 General Discussion
    Hi all! I recently purchased a 2019 rebel 500abs and I really want to replace the entire headlamp. I want to find something that will fit in the existing housing and is easy to install. I’m looking for LED for better visibility and so people can see me better. Also, at a decent price. Has...