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  • beansTX ·
    Hey Kenny G. Thanks for all of your helpful input on many posts. I'm also in North Texas, just down 380 from you. We should try to meet up sometime soon when the season changes.
    Kenny G ·

    If you do see or hear anything let me know...The thing about the kit that I like most is the 31 1/2" seat height...He sent me a video of the under side of the seat and it is definitely a lot more professional than the seat that I purchased and sent back to Thailand almost a year ago.....

    Kenny G
    Twizzian ·
    Hi Kenny
    I’ve usually got my ear to the ground with stuff I see over where I am, although I’ve seen plenty of pics with owners of that kit, I cannot honestly guarentee it’s quality.Not heard any bad reports yet
    You’ll always have to remember the quality is never gonna be the same as western made items.
    As I’ve said before Lower quality here, cheap but good value until you add the shipping cost.

    I’ll try and do some research, let you know if I get some info
    norm92de ·
    Thanks for the reply, I agree with you about the S40, forward controls spoil what could be a great little bike.
    I like my Suzuki a lot but for the riding position.

    I have looked at the Honda a couple of times and it fits me very well. Since I am 5'5" very few bikes are suitable. I had a Triumph Bonneville T100 which is a wonderful bike but a bit too heavy and high for me.

    Another question, how smooth is the Honda? It has a balancer which should make it pretty vibration free.
    norm92de ·
    I remember you from the Suzukisavage forum. I see that you now have a Honda 500. I have been looking at a Honda Rebel500 myself.

    I'd like your thoughts on owning both.

    Thanks, Norman.
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