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  • dyn085 ·
    I've never understood why people would prefer to fall on the sword of ignorance, but it's definitely a thing. The best part is that a bunch of ignorant owners will then collect and rally around themselves giving confirmation bias and strengthening their misguided opinions, lol. Sheesh.

    They could learn something through a few seconds of Google searching, but whatever.
    Tjilpi ·
    G'day Jim,
    I'm an Aussie based here in Thailand.
    On this site as 'Tjilpi'.
    My new Rebel 500 came with, of course, the owners manual in Thai, which is not totally useful to me as
    I am not at that level of fluency yet.
    When you are next at a Honda dealer would you mind ordering an Owners Manual for me please?
    We can discuss how I can send you the money also.
    I'll understand if this is inconvenient; if so, I'll try to do same through Honda Oz.
    Best wishes,
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