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Well, a hydrogen fuel cell motorcycle isn't exactly big news, since those already exist.
What is big news however, is the fact that more are jumping aboard on the idea and the concept!
How, or even if, it will pay off, god knows. When you get everything into place then hydrogen works wonderful, just like a petrol engine.
It's the stages before that that is the tricky part.
After all, when was the last time you saw a hydrogen filling pump..?
It will probably find it's viable life with cars and trucks, but not so much with bikes I imagine.
I've got more faith in the "swappable batteries" patent. That is if all leading brands/makers can settle down on one universal battery type. If not, it'll be a mess. It could work, ofc, but man what a mess...

Found a interesting read on the matter:
It's published this year, so it's quite up to date on the matter.

One thing that is certain at least, is the fact that the world is changing, it's headed toward it's green goal. So more and more green alternatives within the two wheel world is to be expected.
I for one will be enjoying the sound of a petrol engine for as long as I can. You just can't replicate that sound... It's half the reason why many of us even ride bikes.

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