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There isnt a lot to compair to the Rebel - that is one reason I like it - it is different. With that in mind you could compair through two different points of view.

The first is simply the bike size and feature set. The most obvious here would be the CB300/CB500. There are some made in China bikes out there that would count but I personally wouldn't waste my money. The new BMW G310r and the Duke 390 would be in this class although sportier in design. The Yamaha VStar 250 could be counted against the Rebel 300 but they don't have a cruiser in the 500cc size. In fact no other Japanese brand has a 500 or near size cruiser and few other bikes for that matter.

On the design side which I will call "fully modern cruiser"{for lack of a better term}we have the Yamaha Bolt and the Kawasaki Vulcan S. Both of these are bigger however and more expensive. Perhaps you can include the HD Street 500 in this catagory as well. Past that almost all other cruiser bikes are old school styled. Some customs have been done that are very modern or even futuristic however but that wouldn't really factor here.
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