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Yes. So I was on my way to home from work. At this point i had 172 miles on my tank. Since in my previous gas tank fillup i was able to drive 164.2 miles and filled the tank with 2.574 gallons, i divided the amount 164.2/2.574 = 63.79mpg. At this point I knew that the tank was 2.9 gallons so 2.9*63.79= 184.99. Theoretically i should be able to travel 185 miles on the entire tank, and since i knew there would be a lot of gas stations along the freeway i decided to test it. by the time i hit the 185 miles i was very near a couple of gas stations. so when i felt that the tank was about to dry out i got out of the freeway and went into the gas station. How did i feel the gas was empty? Ive done this before. When the bike is about to go out of gas it does some kind of a hicup where the bike briefly stops accelerating and then continues. This hicup occurred to me some where around 185.5 miles. im not exactly sure, and there is when i decided to get out the freeway and fill the tank. so when i filled the tank i was at 186.6 miles on the tank and 39.1 on the reserve. and filled it with 3.014 gals (again, i spilled an insignificant amount. and i tried to fill it as much as i possibly could.)
Anyways, I would also advice against doing this because of the fuel injection thing, but I was just too curious and wanted to know the limits of my bike under my performance.
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I guess doing +80mph for nearly 70miles daily commute with custom exhaust doesn't help my numbers.
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This weekend I went on a day trip with my brother and a friend. Stopped for gas at 115 mile mark to be safe. Only took 1.4 gallons, works out to about 82 mpg. Not too shabby I think.

This was all country highway cruising at 60 mph on my Rebel 300.

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I may be the odd one out but I don't look at my fuel gauge. I'm old school and use the trip meter. I figure 180 miles to empty so I fill up at around 130 - 150 miles.
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My commute is 50 to 52 miles one way depending on the route i take. So every third leg I'm at 150 to 156 miles, that's when I fuel up. Without fail, the final bar will begin to flash between 150 and 155 miles. So technically I'm not going by the gauge but it is very consistent!
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Originally Posted by Falcon View Post
So my honda is the 500 2018 abs model. About 80% of my driving is done on the freeway at an average of 69mph, while the remaining 20% of my driving is done in the streets at an average of 30mph. My motorcycle is practically brand new, its got 500miles on it.

Today I got a total of 186.6 miles out of the entire tank. The last bar of the fuel gauge started blinking at 147.5 miles. That is the reserve tank. The reserve tank gave me 39.1 miles when it started feeling like it was about to stop. At that point I went to the gas station and filled the tank with a total of 3.014 gal. I did spill a tiny bit of gas, and I know the tank is only suposed to go up to 2.9 gals. But regardless those are the numbers. I try not to drive aggressiveley in order to obtain more mpg out of my tank. Let me know if anyone has gotten any more than 40 miles on the reserve tank!
Maybe the gas pump is cheating people out of money by wrongly calibrating the fuel amount.
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Originally Posted by Tree View Post
Maybe the gas pump is cheating people out of money by wrongly calibrating the fuel amount.
Gas pumps are allowed to be within a range - in some states it's 5% over or under. They used to write the testing results on the outside of the pump so you could shop for a pump that over-delivers. They don't advertise the delivery results around here any longer, shame.
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