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Cold/wet weather clothing recommendations

Motorcycle newbie here seeking help from you old-timers... Having recently experienced being nearly frozen alive one morning (okay, it was actually still 50 F) and with the first actual freezing (32 F) overnight lows here in SW Montana, I'm looking for recommendations for cold and/or wet weather riding gear. I'm more concerned with performance than price. I'm of an average height but "stocky" or "husky" build. I also have a preference for hi-viz yellow (for safety) if that is a factor. Can anyone recommend any good brands or products to lengthen the riding season for us tundra dwellers?
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When I lived in the north east I wore snow mobile suits for winter motorcycle riding.

I rode when the weather was in the 30s.

Remember your face is subject to frost bite and wear something to cover it.

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Face and eyes need to be protected when riding in cold weather. Snow mobile suit makes sense, I'm sure there are a lot of clothing wear out there for cycle riding. I would visit a local store and ask some of the folks there what is best in your area for the conditions. Go from there and let us know what you choose.
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I rode to work in 40 deg f the other morning and was pretty warm for the most part. I've got a lesser known brand of gortex jacket and trousers, each have a thermal lining (although I haven't put the lining in the trousers yet). As long as you keep the wind out of your clothes and neck you're onto a winner. Most importantly, spend some cash on some decent winter gloves. I've just bought some rev'it sirius h2o gloves and they are very effective
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I've ridden in 40 degrees with thermals on under my regular clothes and a leather jacket to block the wind, works great.
The areas most people forget to cover up are the ankles, wrists, and neck! You'll quickly learn how painful those get on a long ride unattended.

Knee high socks, tuck long sleeve thermal inside glove cuff, and wear a scarf.
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The basic idea in cold weather is to protect your core (your torso and chest) from the cold. Your body will limit blood flow to your extremities in order to protect your internal organs. That's why your hands, feet, legs, and arms get cold and numb...very dangerous when riding. I'll be investing in a heated vest this winter for this specific purpose; if your core is warm, the rest of your body will handle things better.

Start with a good base layer, think long thermal underwear. A balaclava to protect your face and neck. Add your normal clothing. Then a basic fleece mid-layer vest/sweater.

For a jacket, invest in something water/wind proof, with a good thermal liner and minimal venting. I bought a Merlin Hamstall has an Outlast liner in it, great for very cold weather.

Good gloves are a must. You might want to consider heated gloves or heated grips. Again, you want water/wind proofing and zero venting. Wearing glove liners inside summer gloves will NOT do the trick. Be careful not to buy gloves that are overly thick as it can impede tactile controls on levers and whatnot. My suggestion is to shop around and try gloves on, the right gloves will be different for everyone, so find the ones that meet your needs. I do suggest finding a glove with a gauntlet, to aide in keeping the elements from creeping into your jacket.

I have Highway 21 RPM boots, great basic motorcycle boot with water proofing at a reasonable price. Good wool socks are a must and are generally very comfortable to wear with any boot. If you're wearing basic shoes in the winter, then you're a glutton for punishment. And god forbid you ever go want quality boots on your feet.

Outside of that, make sure to give your bike some time to warm up before riding. Let it idle for at least 5 minutes. Make sure your levers and brakes are free and not stiff from the cold. And cold tires are dangerous tires, so take it slow and easy. Also, make it a habit to check your tire pressure all the **** time. Ride safe...
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Thanks for the feedback guys.

My inclination is to go with a layered approach, using some of the things I already own, rather than splashing out on more expensive specialized clothing. With top-of-the-line gloves running $250, for example, I would soon be worth more than the bike itself I also want to be able to use any new togs for multiple uses, e.g. for snowshoeing or cross-country skiing, where the same principles apply (keep your core warm and dry).
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I live in London so obviously is not many freezing days here, rather wet.. I have a Bering Brody jacket for winter and i have to say it was one of the best purchases I've ever made. Looks great and casual, very warm and totally waterproof. Highly recommended
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