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Do you wear armor?

Curious as to whether you always, sometimes, or never wear armor when you ride?

I have various jackets with armor pockets that cover all the seasons down to 40F but in the summer it's just boots, jeans, and a T-shirt. Yes, a helmet is required in NJ. The rest of the time it's a jacket but the armor sits at home. I'm an older dude riding fair weather and daylight primarily.

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We all should but.......... sometimes a quick ride around town on my grom I donít. But when I ride the rebel , I usually use the freeway, I do armor up.
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I am a similar rider to you, CDL. Always armour. I did ride once with tee shirt and shorts in hot weather. It was luuuuvly! But never again.
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Just do it! (I did: 2017 Rebel 500; 2014 MT-07)
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It's so hot and humid here that a T shirt is too hot. Wearing a jacket isn't going to happen unless it's early spring or late fall.
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Only a fool would attempt it, and God help me, I am that fool.

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I'm still not into daily rides yet but the Joe Rocket stuff has been great so far. A 2 1/2 hour ride in 90+ temps was no problem and I'm a fatty. I got pants so I won't freeze on the after work rides home ( 2:00AM ) since I wear shorts at work, but I haven't tried them on that ride yet since I haven't ridden to work for quite a while and am having trouble figuring out what to do with the gear while I'm at work, it won't all go into a 45L Givi top case.
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Always. Fully perforated leather jacket isn't so bad in the heat. It gets warm at stoplights but it keeps the sun off you and once you're moving the air flows right through it.
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Always armor, because you never know. I have a Joe Rider jacket that I wear basically 3 seasons, with vents, and take out liner, then i have a Icon Mesh jacket-still with armor, that i wear when it's 90+ in the summer.

I often have people ask me why i wear all that gear when it's hot out, and reply is always the same: safety. I want every chance possible if I go down that I do the least amount of damage to my body. i'm not kidding myself in thinking i'm indestructible but I do'nt wanna regret not wearing something if that ever happens to me.
(just my opinions obviously, to each their own)
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After being hit and falling off the bike, armour all the time. Some don't get that second chance to wisen up.
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I always wear protection or I don't ride. I rode my Can-Am Spyder with just a T-shirt (hi vis) but still felt very unprotected. With my Rebel 500, I wait for cooler weather or I don't ride in hot humid heat. I have a mesh jacket and all but I am overweight, diabetic and I sweat alot. I don't like sweating profusely while riding so I wait until cooler weather to where I can truly enjoy the ride.
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I'm armored 100% of the time. If it's so hot that I would be that uncomfortable in my armored jacket I just won't ride
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