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2017 rebel 500 sputtering and stalling

Bike has 4k miles. One morning I started it up, rode about 1/4 of a mile, normal/casual shifting and throttle, and I felt it sputter and hesitate while riding in 4th. Kinda like a misfire sorta. So I pulled over, and engaged the clutch, and then the bike stalled. I parked it. Didn't ride it for a few days, then tried riding it, same thing happened, but this time it stalled almost each time i engaged the clutch and sputters randomly in all gears. Parked it. Air filter looked ok, fuel is premium from costco, crankcase breather was empty, oil looks good.. haven't checked the spark plugs or fuel filter.. any ideas what I've got going on?
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Sounds like a clogged fuel injector is a possibility.

Make sure your battery terminals are tight.

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Also possibly a bad electrical connection. I would look at all connections, see if there is corrosion for example. . I have had similar probs on another bike and this solved it..
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question on fueling---did you over fill?

Know this might sound silly but did you fill the tank too full of gas? If it is too full it's not getting air to breathe in there and if the gas expanded within the tank same type of situation. Just a thought I had but like others check all electrical connections. Start simple and work up to expensive issues.
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Could be water in the fuel caused by the ethanol pulling moisture out of the air. You could try dumping your fuel and filling up with rec fuel if it's available in your area.
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