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Tried to ride with the disc lock.. :/

Hey guys. I tried to roll off with the caliper disk brake still on. I usually have a neon cord that I use so I don't forget, but I while I was in the course of gearing up I got a phone call and ****** up my routine.

So, I pull out slowly in the parking lot, and am thrown a bit foward when the bike abuptly stops half a foot in front of where I was going. It tilts to the right, and somehow I am on the left side and I can catch the bike and pick it up before it hits the ground. I bruised shin a bit but it didn't rip the jeans.

I take a look at the bike and realize what happened... I remove the lock and inspect the disk. It looks alright... a but scratched but OK, I think.

Has this happened to anyone? What's the general opinion about the disk? Should I take this in to get looked at, or look into replacing it? Thanks y'all.
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I have limited knowledge so use at your discretion. But I would see if I could remove the disk to check for straightness as it may look fine but even slight bending could affect you on the road. I would also inspect around the disk as one component may seem fine but the force of the event could have manifested elsewhere. Just my 2 cents.
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Get the front wheel off the ground and give it a spin while listening for even rubbing on the brake pads. If it rubs harder in one spot it should be replaced.
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Get this

TRUST me you won't forget it. This thing is super loud so when you go to get on and if you forgot it as soon as you move the handlebars you'll hear your mistake even with earplugs and helmet on
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You're not the first and won't be the last I'm sure...


668 The Neighbour of the Beast
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I think I'm going to get the lock with the alarm. Seems better on both front. I definitely will lift it up and spin the wheel when it stops raining and I can enlist a friends help. While I'm at it, any one have recommendations for paddock stands?
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haha i did it to! You should be good! Get a reminder cable! that ish is the future hahaha i now lock it on the back brake right behind the caliper (so if i go i can only move about an inch before it catches) and stretch the reminder cable all the way to my left handle bar, there's no way ill forget its on now... the cable goes across my seat.
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I thought about locking up the back wheel instead. Now, I'm putting the lock almost up against the break so I won't be able to move more than an inch before it hits. Also, I've got the reminder cable! I just leave half of it in the lock at all times...
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