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What sort of fuel ⛽️

May only be an Aussie thing (98 Octane premium unleaded fuel anyways) which is the better fuel ( I ranked in order that I prefer)
1. BP
2. Caltex
3. Shell
4. Mobil

Overseas friends be a good conversation regardless

TIP: Donít fill from a servo with a tanker unloading fuel as it stirs up crap in the main tanks, or so ive been told by a tanker driver.
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With most of our petrol being imported from the SE Asian mega refineries it doesn't make much more difference any more. Individual companies may have differing levels of additives, but quite often the base product is identical.

Staying with one brand is now more about customer loyalty programs, branding and advertising.

My rule is to use outlets with high turnovers, modern tanks and equipment and low prices, but riding 10k to save a few cents per litre is in my opinion, a bit bloody stupid.

PS: Thanks for the tip about tankers, makes sense.
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A local servo to me used to sell really crappy fuel that wouls stuff people's engines. A mate of mine owns a local mechanic and he vouched for this. At first he wasn't sure what was doing it specifically but then he heard, because it was an independant supplier the tankers used to come to Aus full of fuel then on the return trip fill the tanks with sea water for balast. Then not get flushed out properly at the other end. This was the rumour anyway. Needless to say I don't buy fuel there.


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Since many refiners sell to wholesalers as well as supplying their own outlets and private branded stores it's often the same product that has each retailers own additive blend. When the truck hits the gate and puts in the ID number for the product they're picking up the auto-blenders do it for them on the fly. You could have 3 different carriers pick up fuel back to back, from the same dock but you'll have 3 slightly different blends. On top of that, here in the US we have different specs for different parts of the country, usually that's a vapor pressure spec to ensure your vehicle runs properly whether you're in a cold weather climate such as the New England states or if you live in Florida and enjoy year round riding. The environmental specs are whole different headache.....
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Being in the States I can't suggest best brand but there is no need for high octane. It is a myth that it will give more power or better anything. In fact it will give slightly less power and worse fuel economy and can lead to excess carbon deposits. Higher octane is for engines with higher compression ratios and/or forced air systems{super or turbo charged}. Honda says to use regular fuel with the Rebel, so 91 or 92 in the land down under.
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