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First gear is too short


Rebel 500cc is my first bike.

The only one bike that I'm used in moto school - was Kawasaki Z250

In Z250 - the first gear was short. I was sure that it's ok, cuz it's only 250.

But in rebel 500 the 1 gear is short too.

Some of you posted that it's just a feeling because the stock exhaust is crying and asking you to change to second gear.

I just want to hear something from you - because I'm sure you have bit more experience from me =)
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If the first gear is long it makes low speed manoeuvres a little trickier as you will need to slip the clutch to keep the engine from lurching, and this bike is aimed at new and returning riders. Plus it keeps the bike very nippy from the off, if it was longer the bike would loose that. You can always take off in second if you prefer, wet clutches will take a bit of abuse
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@Andrey I found this to be a sore point too, as I always feel like I "have to" kick into 2nd as soon as I take off.

My way around it is to drive in one of two modes:

1. Traffic / City mode - In this case, usually in a traffic light behind a car, I expect to have to start slow, and drive behind a car, which will accelerate slowly. I start in 1st, and as soon as I gain a bit of speed, I shift into 2nd, and trust the engine's torque to pull me through the junction. This helps me avoid driving in 1st in high RPM and letting the engine scream.

2. Free acceleration mode - In this case, whether inside the city, without traffic or outside the city where I can accelerate quickly, I'll start in 1st and pull the engine till mid-high RPM (just the below the "cry" from the exhaust), before shifting up to 2nd, 3rd, etc. - This allows me to accelerate in a linear fashion all the way up to cruising speed.

Hope this helps
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First gear is short on every bike. That is why it is first gear.
Shifting from first to second for me is at about 15mph.
You can always be a lil higher or lower than that.
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I definitely agree with you but I've gotten used to it.

This is also my first bike and I felt taking it to 15 MPH was too high but now that it's broken in and I like to ride fast, I take it up to 18 sometimes 20.
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I usually shift closer to 20mph out of first. No reason why you cant wind it out.
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