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Slightly Confused

Ok... so, you have Some (/maybe a lot of) experience with the CB500X etc.... Which use quite a few of the very same parts including Most of the engine itself as the Reb 500...

if you can reprogram or buy an aftermarket for the CB-X... Why not use the same aftermarket CDI(??) or reprogramed one for the CB-X and just use it on the Rebel?!? ... Same with the Cams!! If there is a CAM upgrade Kit for the CB-X, then the entire kit should be able to be used in the Rebel 500... (<IS> it the same exact engine!?!?) Well, The OEM CAMs use the same exact Part number, And so does the CAM Chain, the Cam Chain Tensioner, and the Crank Shaft... As I understand it, the Ignition units are only different in form.. but not (really?) in function or spec. therefore any upgrades should work out, just probably if only a bit of custom work and finagling. Then again; Just bringing a CDI from one of those Faster bikes (that use the same engine) Should be an upgrade in itself... Right?

.. .. So... what's the problem?

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Well, Ok, Though I doubt this would be a problem, maybe a CAM upgrade kit would somehow not fit??? The Cylinder Heads are the same, but the Head Covers are slightly different. The parts book uses the same illustration, but the item may have some slight variation for structure, or external form or fitting? However, if any difficulty is met, The CBX head cover really should work on a Rebel.
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... just realized The the Rebel has a different CDI With two connectors, than a CBR & CBX.... There has to be a work around tho.
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Hello Greg
Lots of good thoughts. I can only add a few corrections and thoughts.
- The rebel engine is exactly the same internally as the cb series - except the intake cam, what is timed different and has different part number also. The exhaust cam is the same tho. So a cam developed for the CB platform would be usable in the rebel head.

- The unit you call CDI is in fact what is called PGM-EFI in Honda jargon but it is different in function too. A CDI takes care of ignition only. Our unit does fueling, ignition, immobiliser, self diagnostics, display driver etc - but these are not shared between the bikes. If any rebel owner would be willing to read a flash from his/her bike, I could potentially check if the ecu flash we have developed could be possibly ported to the rebel ecu.
- the cylinder head has a different part number, but it can happen due to a simple color difference too - I'm pretty sure the cbr head would fit.
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