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*facepalm* dropped it

CMX 500: In case anyone is wondering what happens damage wise during a right hand turn drop, I have attached pictures. New brake arm is $14 from Honda. I'm going to try pop-a-dent on the tank. The start button is jacked (it's floating/jiggles, clicking in both directions, and sticks) so I have someone coming to look at it. Hopefully nothing more than cosmetic damage and tightening up a few things....and a very "I'm so disappointed that I dropped it within 2 days of getting it" case of the sads. (I just finished MSF and have been putting around my neighborhood. Stupid learning mistake on my part).
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ah I'm sorry to see that. I'm assuming you're ok though since you didn't mention any injuries so that's the important thing at least. The dent in the tank might be an eyesore for now but the other parts should be easy enough to replace.
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Glad you are safe.................it's a material thing, stay strong, keep going. Enjoy the ride once you get her back in shape. We all do this eventually, thanks for the confession and lesson.
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Sorry to hear about your "accident", but most important that you are physically alright.
Material things can always be repaired or replaced; likely we all had similar experience in the past.

Hope this will your first and the last. Take care and ride safe.

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Glad you didn't get hurt. The bike can be fixed. Keep going, practicing and build up that confidence. Safe riding to you.
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Sorry about the damage but glad you are ok! Ride safe!
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Man, I did the same exact thing. Damage wasn't as bad though. Pulling right on a hill and dropped it. Only damaged the exhaust, similar to your picture. That was the 2nd day I had it. But, that was a few months and a thousand miles ago.

Glad you're safe. Keep at it.
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I 've dropped mine and target locked on a ditch meeting it in an s - curve. All in all - scuff on muffler, bent gear shift into a better place, replaced mount for headlight- broke just the gray area where it bolts, and a scuff on the arm of the mirror. Lessons learned. Just bruised ribs from the pavement and me meeting. I did get first blood - yes first blood on the rebel- 5 minutes into possession. I was uncomfortable moving it in flip flops into the motorcycle hangar (workshop) and was talked into- did not stand my ground. Went to kick up kick stand, ankle rolled ( ankle used to it since I go dancing in heels- blues bands) and met my concrete porch sliding my face across it. So pissed. I do not climb on with out my boots on to stabilize my ankles. ATGATT!
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Lace up boots have saved my ankles and legs from serious fractures twice in the years I have been ridin'. In the morning when I lace up my boots I am sometimes tempted to just throw on a pair of sneakers and hit the road. I then remember Thanksgiving day of 1974 when I tangled with a Beagle while going 50 MPH on a rural farm road. It was impossible to get the right boot off without cutting it off. I did have bruising and massive swelling but the Xrays confirmed no broken bones. I was thankful for boots.

Ride Safe!

Kenny G
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Good to hear you're doing OK. Sorry to hear about the bike but it honestly looks like easy fixes anyways. Important thing is that your confidence is still there. I'm also a new rider and gaining confidence slowly with each ride. Have gone up to 80 km/h thus far as far as high speed is concerned. Never thought I could do it. Hope you're feeling good still. Ride safe and enjoy.
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