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Geeze, sometimes I wish Israel was a bit more advanced than the little backwater, cartel-infested country that it is - We have unreasonably high insurance rates for 2 wheeled vehicles, since the insurance companies basically operate as a cartel and the bike and scooter market share is pretty small.

I paid 2240USD (8000NIS) for an annual insurance which includes everything - theft, accidents, 3rd-party (as in injuries/damages to 3rd parties due to accidents that are my fault), injuries and whatnot. We have a mandatory insurance scheme here, for which I paid almost half of the above, and another half for an extended policy (theft, 3rd-party, damages to vehicle and injuries to rider).

Oh, and since bikes are considered "high risk", the mandatory scheme is provided by an organization called "The Pool", which is the organization that insures those that regular insurance companies won't insure - Naturally, there's no wiggle room in prices - All insurance brokers sell you the "Pool" rate for mandatory insurance, since insurance companies won't insure you themselves.

On top of that I added an anti-theft system which cost me 390USD (plus a 15USD monthly payment), which basically means if my bike is stolen (we have a lot of bike thefts here), they must retrieve it within 30d or pay 90% of bike value - that, at least, was money well spent.

No wonder I have no money left for after-market accessories
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