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Originally Posted by themink View Post
I've been looking at this bike and enjoyed my test ride. The low endurance a concern so I would want a bigger fuel tank.
I live in a big country, less than 300km range means that I would have to use a jerry can just to get to the next servo. Has anyone replaced the fuel tank with something with more than 11 Litres? I couldn't find many options to change the bike- which struck me as strange given the marketing seems to be about "make it personal".
I currently ride a Virago 250 with a 15L tank and often get 500km on a tank
In the same vein, I like big windshields - Has anyone fitted a big shield yet?
- to be clear this is for the 500 (The only one offered in Australia)
Dude What Part of Oz you from? My 500 is loving the long country roads and Im getting 400+km to a tank. If I recall about the only trip I might need a jerry can for would be crossing the Nullarbor.
All that taken into consideration the petrol stop is a good chance to get ya bum off that dang hard seat.
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