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Would adding heavy duty rear suspension allow me to carry more weight?

So here is my issue: I want to be able to have my significant other ride with me once in a while. The issue is that the 'max' load for the Rebel 500 is about 350lbs. I alone am close to 300 so I am hesitant to get the passenger seat and pegs for my SO if the bike won't be able to handle our weight. Would adding better suspension resolve this issue? Is the 471cc engine the bigger limiting factor since the Rebel 500 only weights 410lbs?

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In short terms, yes, stiffer springs would help with this issue.
However, when looking at the bigger picture here and taking everything into account, then no.
These are the factors that come into play in regards of the max weight limit:
- Suspension; Stiffer/better suspension that's capable of heavy load is needed.
- Brakes; Potentially bigger and better brakes (Not sure how much pressure the Rebels brakes can handle, but guessing they are "maxed" out to match the original weight limit. And yes, better brakes does not give you more weight limit, but you would like to stop in time, just in case, right?)
- Stress points on the bike; Such stress points can be everything from the rim, swing arm, frame itself, etc, etc. Basically every place on the bike that will be strained under heavy load. And these might end up needing reinforcement to handle the load over time. For starters, I believe the original support that holds the back fender, and thus the passenger seat, would be one of the first things to buckle under stress.
- Tires; A tire isn't just a tire. Often, a tire might be what is "mainly" deciding what the load limit actually is. Now remember, read "mainly" Everything else mentioned here is highly important as well, so just changing the tire to one that handles more load doesn't mean that you're good to go in the long run. But it is a big factor in regards of the max limit, as all the weight will end up down into the tire either way you look at it.

I also recommend that you take a look here:


It's a good read in regards of the topic here, you might get some new "aha" experiences.

Best of luck.
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It will definitely work!

Some years ago while serving in the South East Asian area I saw many bikes where the standard shockies had been removed and replaced by solid steel bars. The amazing thing is that 99% of these bikes were Honda Cub 50s and some of the loads they were carrying beggared belief, e.g.: 8 decent sized pigs in baskets on the back, plus rider!


Most bikes are designed for a specific load rating that has considered the structural strentgh of the frame and components, tyre capability ratings, engine performance etc etc etc.

If you are in the "300lb" range and would like to take your SOH on rides, I can only quote Quint:

"You're gonna need a bigger boat (sorry, Bike)"
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Thank you for the responses and information!
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