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Stiff rear brake.

Hey folks,

I was really hoping you someone might have some advice for me. About 2 weeks ago my rear brake started becoming very stiff to the point that with all my weight I can only push it down by, at most, centimetre and then I actually have to put my foot underneath the lever to pull it back up. After a quick inspection I saw that pads were pretty worn so I've replaced those but the issue continued. I then took the pedal and lever off the bike and cleaned / lubed the spring that's attached to the lever in case that was sticking. That seems fine now but again my rear brake is essentially useless it's so stiff. I'm a novice mechanic at best but was thinking the next step would be to bleed the brakes? Thought I'd come here first in case someone had experienced this before or maybe had a better idea as to what may be causing it? When the brake isn't applied in any way, the wheel spins fine with no rubbing and I can't see any score marks or damaged areas to the rear brake disc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Do you have ABS?

Here's a blurb from the service manual, hope you get this sorted out quickly.


Brake lever/pedal soft or spongy
Air in hydraulic system
Leaking hydraulic system
Contaminated brake pad/disc
Worn caliper piston seal
Worn master piston cups
Worn brake pad/disc
Contaminated caliper
Contaminated master cylinder
Caliper not sliding properly
Low brake fluid level
Clogged fluid passage
Warped/deformed brake disc
Sticking/worn caliper piston
Sticking/worn master piston
Bent brake lever/pedal

Brake lever/pedal hard
Clogged/restricted fluid passage
Sticking/worn caliper piston
Caliper not sliding properly
Worn caliper piston seal
Sticking/worn master piston
Bent brake lever/pedal

Brake drags
Contaminated brake pad/disc
Misaligned wheel
Badly worn brake pad/disc
Warped/deformed brake disc
Caliper not sliding properly
Clogged/restricted fluid passage
Sticking caliper piston
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