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Petrol quality

Story time when I got to my rebel I was specifically told NOT to use shell petrol dunno why I wasn't told this by some random this was from my dealer at Honda I haven't used shell since I bought it as I use CNG just interested to know if anyone else has been told this? Knows the Reason why? Also what kind of petrol or "gas" everyone else uses have you noticed any performance differences. All the best

Ride fast ride safe

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I was told by dealer to try and only use Shell!!
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to me it makes little to zero difference. fuel is government regulated so you know what you're getting. the only slight difference between big brands is what 'additives' they add to it that will supposedly clean this or that in your engine.
you'll find 1001 opinions if you do a quick search online, probably split evenly between "only go here" or "choose whatever you like/is cheaper". so decide for yourself really.
I've been to at least Exxon, shell, BP, among others-including some no name place when i was literally in the middle of nowhere and never noticed one bit of difference in operation, or in fuel mileage.
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I use 87 Octane, Unleaded, Ethanol Free Gasoline from Buc-ee's .

I get about 10% better gas mileage using the Ethanol Free Gasoline.

Kenny G
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Over here, Esso is disliked and avoided if posiblle by many as they know it’s a very old brand and unclean or not refined as well as shell, PTT etc.
I’ve found no facts on this and my thoughts is that some spread the rumours not to use because thier car or bike coffed a little.

However: in the UK supermarket petrol ie” Tesco, used to make the engine pink on some vehicles because the fuel was purchased as old stock and lost some of its octane. I had that problem too with an old Ford I had.
Oil Refinery’s that produce our fuel are probably all better quality these days.

I fill up using any brand now

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Where I live, all our gas comes by pipeline from the gulf states to tank farms. Every gas company gets their gas from the same pipeline, and gets the different grades from the same pipeline. It's all the same except for the grade differentiation. Where they store the gas right before I buy it is what makes the difference to me. Some underground tanks are older than others but that has become less of a problem recently with strict tank replacement laws. The main difference I see now is how fresh the gas is by now much a particular station sells. I tend to stay away from the smaller out-of-the-way gas stations.
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Here in central Ohio, it's virtually impossible to buy ethanol free gas. The only places that sell it locally (that I know of) is a boat marina and some power tool rental place. No commercial gas station has it.

But I have a VW GTI which requires (or at least 'likes') 93 octane because it's a high compression engine. And a few mechanics I've spoken too have said, if you're going to buy 93 octane gas for your GTI....Shell is best. I don't know if that's worth anything, but it's been my experience.

Otherwise, I subscribe to the 'whatever is cheapest'...among the famous well known brands. And it's been fine for my 15 year old SUV.
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Both size engines are used in Honda's global bikes, so the engines should be capable of running on regular grade fuel in less well traveled areas. This is a needless worry for most of us. The were designed to tolerate 10% ethanol.

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