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8000 mile maintenance CMX500

Change oil & filter, inspect clean adjust & lube chain. Really that's all I needed, everything else is operating normally and visual inspections are good. Chain needed just a little tightening to be within specs and cleaned & lubed as well which I do regularly anyway. I purchased the Harbor Freight swingarm stand and it worked well. I did remove the exhaust in order to use it correctly which consisted of removing the hanger bolt then loosening the clamp. After that just wiggle off the muffler and set aside, literary 5 minutes to do.

Things I observed were: 1) While the bike is level and you remove the oil filter, oil will pour all over the nearest pipe. Not a big deal I just wiped it off but I wish it didn't do that! It will take 2.75 quarts to refill to the desired level. After 2.5 quarts the sight glass showed within range, then I started it to circulate through the system for about 30 seconds. It then took another .25 quarts to bring it to normal. I used the Honda GN4 10W30 recommended oil this time but will probably switch to a synthetic or blend next time. 2) I needed to buy some more tools! (darn) I needed the 24mm wrench and 14mm hex key in order to work on the rear axle properly. I hadn't needed to adjust the chain until now and although it isn't tough you do need some coordination to set the tension and then torque the locking nut back without moving the adjuster bolt. I pre-tightened the assembly and then slipped on my 17mm socket to torque. 3) Like I said above, the Harbor Freight rear lift worked as expected and was very stable and helpful. All set for the summer now. Tires will probably be next but as I've mentioned before right now there is plenty of life left. I'm sure the SoCal summer heat will have something to say about that though!
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Good Job!

Kenny G
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Thanks for sharing these pictures. I wanted to do the chain adjustment this weekend but couldn't figure out the sizes of the wrenches/sockets I would need. I looked around everywhere until I came upon your beautiful diagrams that conveniently notate the bolt sizes. Thanks a ton.
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Just changed my oil today; it was the one year mark. Mileage wise I have 5,900
used oil was still a medium shade of brown, had no leaks. It took the full 3 qts I put in (2.5 at first, then ran the motor for a few minutes, after shut off was below the 'low' level mark, so added the rest) then it reads between the lower and upper marks.

I forget who suggested to put aluminum foil on the exhaust before removing the oil filter, but I did it this time, and it was GENIUS. nothing to wipe off after i was done

I did notice that the coolant reserve was slightly below the 'lower' mark, so will keep an eye on that, and pick up some coolant next chance I get just to be sure.

Went for a ride afterwards and there are no leaks, so i'll be good to go for another year (assuming I don't ride 8k miles this year)
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