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Dad's Birthday present turned out to be AWESOME!

Hello all!

Just a little backstory to how I got here:

Last year my dad turned 60 years old and I asked him what he wanted for his Birthday, he is very difficult to shop for because his only real interest is motorcycles and planning his trips on his bikes. He has been riding bikes since he was old enough to get his license, I was fortunate to grew up on the back of his bike traveling to BMW rallys all over Florida & getting rides to my softball practices (cause it was really cool to get dropped off on a Bike) When I got older, we stopped riding together, maybe I just grew out of "hanging out with my dad". So with his BIG 60th B-day looming I thought of something he may enjoy: I should get myself a Motorcycle & get endorsement. Let me tell you that this plan worked out better than I could ever imagine. As soon as I asked for help with finding my first new bike (2012 Yamaha V-star 250) we reconnected like I was 8 years old again ready for our next trip down to another BMW rally!! Now we spend every weekend together riding to breakfast and or working on my bike.

Fast forward to now, just a month away from my Dad's 61st Birthday and I now own a 2018 Honda Rebel 500 and we are planning our first over-night camping trip in North Georgia. I love riding with my Dad & I look forward to all the adventures!! I am in love with my Rebel, starting with a 250 really set me up for the confidence I needed to move up to a 500. My dad actually told me the first thing I needed to do was join a forum so that I can get answers & advice on how what I can do to my Rebel. I'm glad I took his advice because I have learned so much from all of you here! Looking forward to sharing my efforts as well!

*I will continue to update my additions and modification on this thread along with the "What I did today" thread*
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Welcome to the forums, I'm glad you and your dad have a passion you can share.

Here is a link to some OEM and aftermarket parts dealers that have been gathered from many posts here on these forums, might give you a few ideas!
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I am very lucky to have a father with a garage, tools, air lift motorcycle rack & a lot of knowledge on the subject..

Here are my recent additions to my Rebel:

SupaBrakeIII - This is a mod to the brake light, the algorithm times out between braking, the longer you go without pressing the brake the more times it flashes when you do press it. Great addition to high traffic area like South Florida.

Installation - VERY easy once you find out where it goes! Under the seat. I pulled out wires till I found the one that works on the brake light and replaced that "male" to create the new "female" to insert original wire. (sorry, I don't know the jargon). Really is easy!! My father has ordered one of these for all his bikes, so the owner didn't include directions on this one but we figured it out.

Purchase & Delivery - Very simple online transaction.. arrived quickly.
SupaBrake-3 Honda motorcycle tail light modulators | vizi-tec

Saddlebag Rack- This rack will be used for a future set of soft side water-proof bags.

Installation - VERY easy!!

Purchase & Delivery- This rack is one of the items available straight from the dealership. I ordered on Ebay from a Florida Honda Dealership and it arrived the NEXT DAY!!

ADV LED Lights- My favorite! These lights are SUPER BRIGHT!! SO bright I really can't use them at night. During the day they are very useful to alert the Cell-Phone drivers of South Florida that I too am on the road. (I also wear HI-VIZ gear & Helmet) *safety first*

Installation - These were VERY simple to attach to the bike. I decided to attached to the second lower bolt on the radiator cover that connects to the frame. This connection offered a welded nut which was very attractive. I did have to make a trip to Home Depot to purchase 2 longer Allen (30mm) bolt to offer enough space to include the light frame and some washers.

Wiring - ERMGA.. this was not as much fun! First, I would like to thank egraham for his WONDERFUL description on finding the 2P connector in the housing of the headlight! Found in the "Wiring USB charger in front of bike" Thread. This way the lights are connected to the key rather than the battery. I wish I could walk you through the rest of the process, but I really just stood by and watched my father on this one.

Purchase & Delivery- purchased online and delivered quickly.
Model 30 LED off road Spot light - ADVmonster

Crash Bar- this is something I wanted to get after reading up on this forum. It does make sense to make this investment, not only for my own safety but for the bike too. Plus I think it looks really GOOD! I did a little research on which to purchase on E-bay. As most of you will notice in several threads: there are several options. I went with the H2C model. They seem to have the most items available for the Rebel & is spoken of frequently here. I am very happy with this product!!

Installation: Very easy! You must be patient, it does take a little wiggling to get it just right. Even pulled out a rubber mallet to get everything to square up. The directions did come in Mandarin but there are pictures, so that was very helpful!

Purchase and Delivery- You probably wont believe this but... I ordered this part on April 17, 2018 and it arrived in South Florida in my office on April 20, 2018. THREE DAYS!! UNBELIEVABLE!! I am still waiting for mirror mount for my RAM mount I purchased last week on Amazon Prime! 2 days my ass!! So, anyway, Purchase was easy on E-bay Delivery was SO FAST!! I have nothing bad to say about this product!
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Name:	LED light 2.jpg
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What a great story! Happy adventures!

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Welcome to the forum. We expect some photos from the North Georgia Mts. I spent a weekend up in Hiawassee back in '05 to see a Dwight Yoakam concert. Beautiful area and great roads to cruise down!
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That’s awesome! Congrats and welcome to the forum.
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