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Hi from Newfoundland

I have had many bikes over the years but liked the looks of the new Rebels.
I went over to get one when they first came out but they had a CBR300RA on the floor that was a steal of a deal after the recall and having to stop the sales so I came home with it.
I took it out a few times but quickly realized that after many years of riding sport bikes I was looking to change my style up to just cruising around. It looked lonely in the garage all by itself and needed a buddy that I would ride.
I bought an old Rebel 250 and did it all up for cruising but it lagged too much on the top end. I then bought a shadow 500 but no fuel guage left me on the side of the road phoning for someone to bring me gas.

I like my Hondas. I had a CBR250, Hurricane 600. Rebel 250, Shadow 500 and still have my CBR300R. Over the years I have also owned a Kawi FZ750 and Yamaha YSR50 but always go back to Hondas. For dirt bikes I had the CR125 and YZ490.
I decided to change it up this year so I said I wasn't going Honda because I always go there. The deal was my wife gets a convertible smart car and I can get another bike. Perfect, deal.
I went to Suzuki to look at the Boulevard C50. It just felt too wide for me. Kawasaki never had anything that impressed me, Yamaha had the bolt but it didn't give me that spark. I then went to Harley and sat on an 883. I loved the seat and overall look but the handle bars were just uncomfortable to me. I found a 2016 72 there with 2700km on it. No fuel guage, tanks to small, but it could work with some mods. The wife was not impressed but agreed.
I went to the bank, got the money and returned to the dealer.
I said to the sales guy I need a back seat. You want a Bitch Pad? Man, my wife is right here and she may only be 5' but she controls the money and can probably kick both our a$$es so just give me a back seat. I suppose I can throw a bitch pad on there for ya he says. Oh sweet jesus I am thinking, dude you have no idea what your getting yourself into here. Then he screams out to the parts counter on the other side of the store. Hey guys, we got a bitch pad there for this 72 here, this guy wants one.
Well with that I got a sharp jab in the kidneys and I was being hauled out of the store like a screaming child in Toys R Us.
We get to the car and she says look, you always liked Hondas, you wanted that new looking one a couple years ago and came home with the other one instead. So it's like this, we are going back to Honda to get the one you wanted or your going home and getting nothing.
With that over to the Honda dealer we goes. I says to the wife should I get the 300 or the 500. She says get what you want because I am not coming back again next year so you can change it. The poor sales guy had a look on his face of dollar signs. I says give me the 500 with ABS and I wants the saddle bags and throw in a back seat not a bitch pad.
The sales guy looks at me funny, he says well we only have back seats here, bitch pads I think disappeared in the 70's.
With that my wife had a smile on her face bigger than mine and she said I don't care what you spend on the bike to make it the way you want it, it has a fuel guage so we will not run out of gas and the only time I want to see that guy from Harley Davison again he when comes in to the hospital having a heart attack and I will be telling him this bitch as you referred to me as cost you your wage for a year and is now going to save your life so you better think next time before shooting off your mouth thinking that your mr. cool.
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Welcome to the forum

Keith from Maine USA - Rebel R1
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Hey Tom, welcome.

I'm in Australia but my old man is a Newf. He lives in Fox Harbour.

You'd have some harsh riding conditions for a fair chunk of the year I reckon.



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Welcome to forum n enjoy your ride
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Welcome...I read your story to my wife...she loved it.
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Welcome fellow Canadian. I'm near Toronto. i bet it's beautiful riding scenes in the east?
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New Brunswick neighbor here, welcome!

I never knew nothing, so there's nothing to forget.
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