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Originally Posted by Psyense View Post
Hey folks,

Thought I would post the last couple of hours diving into Motorcycle Gear that is "the new hotness" or "in development".
Please excuse if this is old news for you or not in the appropriate spot on the forums. As a new rider, these things caught my attention.

Beeline GPS:
Could be awesome or lame depending on if you already use your phone (which I don't).

Brakefree Helmet light:
Safety-related tech; feels very futuristic...that much closer to roleplaying as Daft Punk.

Dynamoto Bike Stands:
I could really use something like this for DIY mechanical work and to pull in and out the ride out from the garage without moving my car.

Finally on to Skully Advanced Helmet...
High end; high tech helmet with an integrated rearview camera, Bluetooth, and heads up display capabilities.
@$#% on the high cost. Plus a movie-like scandal with the original owners filing bankruptcy, Vegas trips, and exotic car escapades.
Under new ownership and leadership. Read up on it. Quite funny and crazy.

Anyways, thought I would share to any interested riders. Stay safe out there!

Watched a video review on this Skully helmet by fortnine. He was saying how the display within the helmet is not in focus with the road, so you have to unfocus on the road to check the display. Which is obviously dangerous and can be difficult to see in bright lights.

Interesting post tho mate, I like the look of that navigation aid.
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