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Originally Posted by Rebelstonewalljackson View Post
Due of very high summer temperatures (for 10 days 35- 40 degrees celsius during most of the day in my vicinity) I either pause biking during noon or do something to cool down.
I´ve read some articles about cooling vests for many purposes, so also riding a bike. Today I´ve bought one in an online biker´s shop and maybe I get it next week.

Do anyone here use a cooling vest? What other measures you take, to cool down in this venus-like temperatures?
I've read about cooling vests, such as one sold here. Basically from what I understand, you soak it in cold water (in the sink), ring it out and put it on under your riding jacket. I'm still debating buying one, but I would soak it, ring it out (not too much), then put it in a big ziploc bag and toss it in the freezer, then when I'm ready to ride, take it out and put it on.

Let us know how it works out and which one you bought.
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