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Handle bars for short rider!

Female rider here, 5"2. I am currently sitting on the very front end of the seat to ride "comfortably" with a slight bend in my elbows. I have rolled the stock handle bars a bit to bring them as close as possible. Any suggestions on how to make my ride more comfortable as far as handle bars? Thanks
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I'm exactly 5ft and have the same problem.. I have to scoot pretty far up to reach everything, albeit uncomfortably. Not only is the handlebar too far away from me, but the seat is too wide and it's uncomfortable (the foot pegs seem OK). Rotating the handlebar didn't help much, but I did replace my brake and clutch levers so the span of my hand wouldn't have to be as wide... this was my first "shorty" adjustment.

As for bringing the handlebar closer, that is my biggest issue right now. After looking into it, it seems I have three options: (1) install risers, which will lift the handlebar but will also bring it back a little bit, (2) change to a handlebar that pulls back, and/or (3) replace my seat with a solo forward seat, which will bring me closer to the handlebar versus the other way around. After looking into these, I decided to first replace the seat before fussing with the handlebar.. just haven't found a forward seat that works with the bike yet, but I'm not done searching! In the meanwhile, I'll probably install risers for a little bit of relief. And who knows.. by the time it's all said and done, I may end up with risers, a new handlebar AND a new seat!

I posted a similar question not too long ago and someone suggested a trip to a bike shop that does customization.. they will add padding and other things to the seat to make it more comfortable. I'm going to see if they can somehow make it into a forward seat. So if my search is fruitless, I will definitely go this route. Hope this helps.. there doesn't seem to be much out there right now
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@indiRaven I upholstered my seat today, so had the chance to see it "naked" and also see the fitting on the body. There's definitely room to bring it forward a bit, with some creative sculpting. What I can suggest is to ask the upholster to see if they can customize the seat's plastic base so it "hugs" the back of the tank a little, without damaging style and comfort too much. After that, it's only a matter of padding it to suit your needs.

I'm 100% that a good upholster can do the job, but it might be a little pricy. I had an offer to customize my seat for about 215USD (in local currency) with a promise to make sure I can test comfort and ask for mods until I'm happy.

Another suggestion is to try contacting Corbin and see if they're willing to create a version of their solo seat for riders of your height.

Good luck, and keep us posted on your progress
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I found a bar riser solution that takes a little more work but gets things back further than the kspeed risers. I wrote it up with pics in this thread.
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