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Dime a dozen or hen's teeth?

Hello all,

In your part of the world are Rebel 300/500 a dime a dozen, do you see them everywhere? Or are they rare as hen's teeth? Personally I am yet to see one on the road, which I think is cool as it means they're kind of exclusive .

How about where you are?


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I have not seen one "in the wild" in my area. It also quite rare to see an older Rebel in the wild. Most bikes on the road around here are Harleys.
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Keith from Maine USA - Rebel R1
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I have only ever seen 1 in the wild. Everything around me is sport bikes and harleys.
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Here in Norway there is supposedly at least 2 other Rebels out there somewhere.
When I placed my order for the bike, I was to get 1 of the first 3 bikes brought here. The two others was suppose to go to a driving school as a learners bike, but they wounded up cancelling their order. So they still have one of those, but I heard that one was shipped to another dealers as an order came in for the Rebel.
And I've heard about one being in the capital here. Other than that, I'm not sure.
Pretty sure however that it might go a while before I'm ever to meet another one on the road here.
After all, the biking community here is hardly anything like what other's is used to around the world. It ain't that big here, so not that big of a deal.

Lyoko - Black Rebel 500
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I would estimate that there are about 12 new Rebels floating around my area, all sold by the same dealer Cycle Center of Denton, TX.

Kenny G
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I've only seen one on the road around me in western NY. The dealer I got mine from says he can't keep them in stock though. Seems to be a different colored one in there every time I go so they must be selling. Just not sure where they're all at.

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I think there are about 6-8 Rebels around my area of Central Israel, including one participant in this forum (I forgot his name, but he posted pics of a nasty slip he had with the bike).

I'm actually toying with the idea of opening a FB for Israeli Rebel owners - might get around to doing it, when I take a break from visiting vineyards every other week.
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I see them all the time here on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii. A lot of them are rentals though...rented by tourists so they can cruise around the island.
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Saw my first rebel parked today whilst on a ride -a grey one slowed down to see if the owner was nearby lol
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Haven't seen one in my area here in Florida. I've seen the old 250's on the road though. More Harley's than anything in these parts.
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