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Rebel 300 Highway/Freeway Performance

Hi all,

Hope riding is going well. I purchased the 300 with ABS for pleasure riding on country roads and such as my first bike but now, as I slowly start to gain confidence and move my way toward gaining some riding experience, I am tempted to take it out on the highway (freeway for my American neighbours). My school/work is a 40 km ride into the city. Is that a good idea? I was wondering how the 300 performs at speeds of over 100. EDIT: That's a 100 km's, not miles.

Also, on a side, is it perhaps too early for me to get on the highway as a new rider? How long did you all wait when you learned?

Thanks folks and happy + safe riding
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Old 08-18-2017, 06:50 AM
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It's not a bad idea at all. My 300 does just fine on the highway and I generally ride between 60-70mph (~100-115kmh?).

I don't think there's a set time to wait, it's how you feel. I rode scooters before I got this bike so I was comfortable on 2 wheels already, it was just the speed I had to get used to. First I rode locally and on some bigger, non-highway roads to get used to the speed for a week or so. Then I took the highway to work a few times since I work very early and the highway is mostly empty. I did that for another week or so while I got used it and after that I had no issues with the highway. I think the biggest adjustment I had to become more aware of was to just stay relaxed, don't fight the wind so hard, and stay out of people's blind spots.
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Old 08-18-2017, 09:20 AM
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I cruise my 300 comfortably at 65-70 mph.
Highway shouldn't be an issue (interstate is another story I think).

I jumped on the highway right after my first 600 mile service. But like Jskafff I was riding a scooter a year before my rebel, so I was already comfortable on 2 wheels.
I suggest doing your first highway run early in the morning or late at night when there's little to no traffic. Once you get comfortable with handling at higher speeds it'll be a lot less nerve wrecking w/ traffic surrounding you.
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Old 08-18-2017, 10:42 AM
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I rode with my wife while she was learning highways. We first found an entrance ramp that basically had enough time to get up to speed before we got off at the next exit. We tried that a couple of times until she was ready to skip an exit. And then again until she was ready to just keep going.

Highways can be intimidating. There's no shame in being nervous about them. Lots of 3000lb metal machines hurtling all around you, with their drivers only paying partial attention. Two things though:
1. Highways are actually safer than side roads. It's intersections and roundabouts that are more dangerous than highways. At least we're all pretty much going the same direction.
2. You can keep yourself out of trouble in most cases on the highway. Always be thinking about how you can keep yourself safe. If there's a car entering the highway, make it a point to not be on the side of him, even if he's still two lanes over. He might just decide to cross those two lanes. To that point, never ride in someone's blind spot, or even next to them if possible.
Some would say go slightly faster than the traffic around you. That's decent advice but, in my commute, they average over 70mph. So my job is to find that little safe zone in between all the women putting on makeup, men changing the radio station, and young idiots texting and facetiming (yes, I've seen it more than once, skype/facetime on the freaking highway!) And then sit there. It keeps me out of trouble.

Tho the other half of your question. I weigh 250 lbs. I got a Rebel 300 up to 80mph on a flat and it had a little more left. Was there any oomph to pass? Not unless I planned on taking 20 seconds to get it done. But since I was in that small car-free zone, I didn't need it.
The Rebel is pretty fun at lower speeds (especially on country roads!), but perfectly capable of being on the highway. I just have to do it slightly differently than I do on my Triumph, or on the FJR1300 I used to own.

Ride safe, friend!
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Hi all,

Thank you for all the advice. I think going on first when it's empty is good thinking. I was planning on doing that initially also. It would make my commute a lot easier and more fuel efficient.

Also nice to hear that the 300 can handle it. I don't plan to pass anyone. I usually like cruising anyways and have never had any urge to speed regardless. My hours are outside rush hour so I think I'll give it a shot after I gain some more experience. Again, it's reassuring to hear that the 300 can handle it. Lot of reviews on youtube were saying it might not be the best idea.

I appreciate the input and happy and safe riding to all
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Old 08-18-2017, 10:46 PM
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I'm a 275 lb man and I ride my Rebel 300 at 65 - 70 mph on the highway without a hitch. Don't expect to use your mirrors too much though. The best I can do with them at that speed is tell if there are cars behind me. There are no guarantees you can tell which lane they are in. Just means you have to be more attentive and careful when merging, but you should always be anyways. My fear of riding is never in myself but the California Drivers.... SMH.
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