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Ok, So I sit here on my balcony drinking a beer and smoking a cigar waiting to get back "home" to ride my Rebel 500 and I decided to write about my thoughts.

Some back ground:

Live in Minneapolis MN but I store my Rebel up northish at my families (Don't have a garage down here, yet)

I have wanted a motorcycle for some time now and last summer I took a basic riders course. About 6 months ago I first saw a photo of the Rebel 500 and I loved it from first sight. After looking for some information about it there was hardly anything, so I stopped looking into it. Over the winter I looked for bikes on and off, mostly focusing on cafe racer style bike. I actually had a lot of trouble finding a good bike for a reasonable price within the styles I was interested in. I didn't want a sport bike and at the same time I didn't want a Harley. I also did not want to deal with a used bike and possible the maintenance that could come from a used bike. Then in early spring of my last semester of school I saw some more posts about the new Rebel. I fell in love with it again. It isn't a pure cruiser and has a slick modern look to it. The best part I think is that is comes at a reasonable price. (even though it cost twice of what my car cost me) I was still struggling to find a great looking bike, that was good for someone who learns fast ( sorry I knew just get bored with a smaller bike real fast) and I didn't want to spend $10k on a bike (plus accessories ,insurance, etc..). After painstakingly talking with the dealer week after week about any information on the Bike I was finally able to get a shipping date and drove it off the lot on May 11th.

As a new rider I can't compare it to anything else, but I still have my thoughts and opinions.

Its not a raging bull, but it still has plenty of gusto to have a lot of fun! So far I have driven it In Minneapolis and NE towards Taylorsfalls MN so I have done bit of city, Freeway, and Country driving. I love how nimble it is. I am able easily dodge potholes, get out of the way of cars, and have a fun time. On the freeway its a little different. This Rebel has no issues of speed and the ability to pass slower traffic accelerating from 75-85 with out too much effort, The downside is that getting above 60 mph the vibrations start to wear on you. I am 6' 180lbs and sit pretty comfortably, but at those speeds I really wouldn't want to drive for more than 45 min. My back side will get quite uncomfortable and need to take a break. But as a 500 I am happy it can handle the Freeway when I need it to. I have seen a few reviews saying the suspension is squishy and I would agree, but it still handles great.

I can't wait for some more accessories/attachments come out as I have some plans to modify it. I also Think a new seat will help 10 fold for longer distance riding. Over the next year I can't wait to make it unique and make it my own.

I have to say I am very happy with my purchase and sure maybe I might move up to a bigger bike in 2-3 years for distance traveling I can say I plan on keeping this Rebel for years. ( well I might give it to a future son/daughter)

Happy Riding out there!
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This color is definitively the fastest...
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Nice write up, man. I'm in a similar spot. It's the only bike I've ever owned, but I'm in love. It's so fun. And I can't wait to customize it. Planning a ride for this weekend and am so pumped!
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Congrats on your new motorcycle, the new rebel really is an amazing machine to ride and look at. I notice highway vibrations doesn't get as bad 70+ mph. Around 50-60 there is pretty noticeable vibrations.
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