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Is the 500 for me?

I love the look of the Rebel, the low seat height (I’m a short arse!) and low weight.
If it was at least a 650cc, I’d be buying it now.

My concern is the power, or lack of comparing to what I’m used to. I’m not a beginner, I’ve been riding a good few years and for the last five I’ve had a SV650. An old model, 2002.

I just want something newer in general, and lower and lightweight.

Will I notice a big drop in power from the SV to the rebel?

Will it be a step down for me, as it seems to be marketed as a beginner bike? And does that even matter?

Is it good for long distance? If I wanted to go touring for a week. No more than 300 miles a day probably. I’m not too bothered about top speeds, as I don’t want to lose my licence! But I do like some torque, to pull away quickly.

Any opinions please?
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NO one can "tell you" if is will work for you, only YOU getting on one and riding, if you can, will tell you what you want to know.

We are all different and only you holding onto the bike will tell you.
Sure it's light,
sure it can go freeway speeds.

I saw a story on the national news a few years ago about a old guy riding many hundreds of miles on a moped that didnt go faster than 35.
Dont remember how he did it.

SO we all have our own, is it fast enough, feeling. Its up to you to determine if its good enough.
Everyone on here will say, yep its fine for everything, and then you get one and maybe it is, or maybe its not good enough

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You will notice a big power drop. The sv650 has 30more horsepower and about double the torque. Its 0-60 time is a lot faster. Its top speed is 20mph faster. And it weighs only 20lbs more than the Rebel.

That being said I am coming from a GSXR600 and I am still very happy with my rebel. It has more than enough speed and power for most people. A big factor may be rider weight though.
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All I can say is the Rebel hasn't been a 'step down' for me. It's not as fast as most of the bikes I've had but what it lacks in out right speed, it makes up for in other areas. It's so easy to ride, being small, and fast enough to be fun... and even fast enough to loose a license with.

I traded a 660cc MT03 in for the Rebel and still had a Bandit 1200. Subsequently, the Bandit has been sold and the Rebel remains! That should indicate something.

I don't understand this idea that a 500cc bike is for 'beginners'. Way back when Adam was a lad, a 500 was considered a middleweight that most people had/wanted. Litre capacity bikes where just for dreams and 1200cc plus bikes didn't exist.

At the end of the day it'll be your money and only you can make the choice. One thing I've learned over the years is that there are always other bikes tempting me to part with cash. Nevertheless, the Rebel has something that's quite endearing, precisely what I don't know.

Anyway, my guess is that if you're in any doubt, you should perhaps look elsewhere. I suppose your choice should depend upon why you want the bike and what you'll be using it for.

Good luck with whatever you choose... all bikes, whatever their size, are fun!
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I am lucky enough to have an MT07 as well as a Rebel. I alternate my rides. While the MT gives the most fun I have ever had on a bike, the Rebel gives a very enjoyable ride. You have to get past the low revving nature of the engine, but I find it a 'grown up' bike as it feels well engineered. Its handling is to me first class - it does what you want. Mine is vibey over 60mph and that is its only fault - it seems short of a balance shaft ( oh, and I modded the seat). I enjoy the difference between the two bikes. I believe you would find it a very different performance from your SV, but try one to find out, if you can.
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Just do it! (I did: 2017 Rebel 500; 2014 MT-07)
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Being a shorter rider myself (5'5"), the feeling of not ever worrying about the bike being too big, counts for alot. It enables me to feel confident, always in full control and just have fun with decent power. I never felt the 500 as being underpowered in any situation so far, the longer gearing allows you to stay in gears longer and the powerband is quite flat if you are in the right gear.
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Just like the others have said, the best way to know whether if it would be the best bike for you or not is to have a test ride for yourself. I personally think even if you put a 650cc engine into the rebel, it's still not the best bike to ride over 75mph since it's a cruiser bike not a sport bike. For long distance usage, I would say the rebel may not be the best choice as well since a trip over 4 hours ride (assuming it's a non-stop ride) will make you very uncomfortable (been there done that). But yet, I still love my rebel and as long as I'm smiling when I'm riding it, I don't really care if anyone says it's a beginner's bike. Cheers!
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Thanks very much for all your comments. You’re right that I just need to test it out for myself but it’s been really helpful to hear your thoughts.
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I talked my dealer into letting me test ride my Rebel before i bought it. But really i was sold once i sat on the bike. The combo of seat height, weight, cool styling, price, and the Honda name sold me. The test ride sold my wallet
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Well done. Enjoy.

Just do it! (I did: 2017 Rebel 500; 2014 MT-07)
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