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How cold will you ride?

We've had a particularly cold November in the midwest. (of the USA) and I've removed the battery and put stabilizer in my fuel. But we're going to have a 50 degree day soon and I'm thinking about taking the bike for a ride. I have a liner in my riding jacket which is very warm. I'll put long underwear under my riding pants.

But that got me wondering: How cold will you folks ride? I kind of draw the line at about 55 degrees if I'm going to be going fast. But I'll ride 50 degrees if I just ride relatively slow around my small town. (nothing above about 45mph)
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I go down to 41 (5C). Standard clothing, two pairs of gloves. But any suggeston of ice patches keeps me indoors. England's weather has been unseasonably warm but is set to cool.

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If the sun is shining I will ride any day from 32 degrees up to and including 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

I use a windshield when ever it is below 50 degrees and just a fly screen the rest of the year. I also have hand guards for colder weather.

I dress appropriately for the weather conditions.

Be careful if you are going to ride below 32 degrees, frost bite will be one issue that you will not soon forget.

Kenny G
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i was just thinking of posting this yesterday.. i've already ridden much colder than i ever used to . i'm convinced i won't let crappy mid-atlantic weather keep me indoors for months. coldest so far was 45 F, though i anticipate trying in the 30s as well, as long as it's above freezing and there was no rain or anything previously, where there could be ice on the ground.
i've been wearing my Carhartt extreme jacket with tshirt and sweatshirt underneath. kevlar pants with thermals underneath, wool neck gaiter/balaclava , wool gloves inside my winter snow gloves.
so far the only thing to get cold are my hands, mostly due to wind. was thinking if anything I'd add a pair of hand guards.
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We only get a few weeks of mid-30's temps here from Christmas to after New Year's. With an average two inches of annual rainfall and rarely-below-freezing temps, the odds of getting white powder from the sky are so astronomical it's the only thing Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal never bet on...suffice it to say I ride year round.

Granted those bragging rights are offset by six months of triple digit temps.

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I am lucky I can ride all year round . Except if raining I use my car
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It depends on the time of year for me. In the spring I will go out on the first sunny 50F day - in the fall I won't go out unless it's at least 70 and calm. So ya, I like it to be warm not cold. When I was young, I used to ride my Kawasaki 100 2 stroke year round - no matter the cold or how far I was going. Picture the movie "Dumb and Dumber" when they are riding that minibike up to Aspen.
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Keith from Maine USA - Rebel R1
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Was out yesterday, 48F when I left, 46 when I returned here on the right coast. Lined leather jacket was warm enough, new Rev'it Crater gloves not so much. Disappointed in them for $90. Ordered some fleece lined jeans. Hoping to get out on any sunny day over 40, we'll see.
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The right gear is everything. I'm certainly no tough guy but the thermometer said 28F this morning when I started my bike to ride to work. Granted it is only about 15 miles each way. Rode up and around the lake for a couple hours yesterday in the high 30s. Leather jacket with thermal liner and mid layer jacket underneath, jeans w/ thermal riding overpants, and joe rocket windchill gloves do the trick. With all that gear on, the main thing that seems to keep me from riding is moisture that could leave ice on the road, which luckily doesn't happen to often here in Idaho.
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We're in Scotland. It's always cold! Lol.

Pretty much below 5 degrees C from November until April. Just have to wear lots of layers. Merino wool works well.
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