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The first 500 miles on a 300

I rode a little today, and it put me at 500 miles on my first ever motorcycle...the Rebel 300.

I went straight from the MFS class to buying the 300. (thank goodness the dealership delivered it to my house)
I just finished my first oil change and I adjusted the chain tension. It was at 1 3/ I moved it down to about 1 3/8. But the large locking nut by the muffler has a 14mm allen wrench socket on the left side of the bike. So after my chain adjustments were finished, I went to tighten the bolt back up, and the 14mm socket on the other side of the bike started turning too. This means I would need to go buy a 14mm allen wrench to tighten everything back up. But for some reason, after messing with things, I was able to tighten the bolt (by muffler) without the allen socket on the other side of the bike moving. I have yet to clean and lube the chain. I have the stuff to do it. I'll get to it in the next day or so.

As I rode the bike, I went from terrified in the first days or so, to reasonably comfortable now. The gearing is becoming second nature to me. (I've had several manual trans cars, and with each vehicle, you need to learn the gearing until it becomes second nature.) I've yet to ride on a 65+mph highway, and I don't want to. Even though I'm no longer terrified to ride, I'm not so dumb to think I'm experienced.

I'm still having trouble adjusting to the high rpm's when riding at 55+ mph. It feels like I want a 7th gear. I know people here on the forum have told me these engines are made to rev that high without a problem, but it still bugs me. Also, the vibrations of the bike bother me a bit. I don't know if it's because it's a single cylinder, or it's just the way it is, but didn't think it would be this much. I will say GRIP PUPPIES to the rescue! I installed a set this morning and went out for a ride. They help a lot. The seat also needs help. During the first few days, I got sore 'down there' and I had to take several days off from riding to heal.

I still think I made the right choice in getting the 300 over the 500. I won't be taking any highway trips with it. I'll be bopping around my small town of 35,000. Being a first time owner, I don't know if it's under powered or not. I have no frame of reference. Also, I'm not trying to use the 300 as some sort of thrill ride. As I've said in another thread, I have a 2016 VW GTI....which is a monster little car. That gives me all the thrills I need.

I'll probably go for saddle bags in the spring. I hope to get a few nice fall riding days before I put it away for the winter.
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We just crossed 3000 on ours and can't wait to put on some more! I agree with the seat. I just think this wasn't intended for longer trips. We can go about an hour and need to hop off for a few minutes. We can extend that a little if we hit some red lights where we have the opportunity to stand up while we wait for green. We do plan on taking some longer trips on these and that's my only concern. Corbin makes a really snazzy looking replacement seat, although pricey, it may be worth it. It's hard for me to know not being experienced on other seats and I'd absolutely hate to drop the money on it and not have it be any better.

Haven't had any real issues with the grips. I do have to remind myself not to squeeze with a death grip occasionally. The wife's gloves are thinner though and she's mentioned it a time or two. Same fix for her. No death grip.
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Congrats on the new bike and 300 miles already you’ve been doing some riding. I myself haven’t been looking forward to old man winter moving in but I’ll ride until it’s just to cold to do so.

2018 Honda Rebel 500
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