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Post your funny compliment stories

Since owning my Rebel, I bought in late February this year, I've had a few comical and memorable compliments given to me on my Rebel. One I've already posted here before, but I'll recap with it and a new story to kick off this thread because I think it'd be fun to sort of "celebrate" our little Rebels and recognize these bikes do draw eyes. They're hitting in a league I never thought they would when it comes to pulling up into a line of Harleys and riced out street bikes and still pulling attention and feeling welcomed by the fellow riders and not getting laughed at "Look at this guy's SCOOTER!"

Story #1
On my commute home I am about 1/4 mile from my apartment. I'm waiting at a stop light. There are a bunch of walking people on the sidewalk near the waterfront in Juanita or jogging enjoying the sun near the beach park. These 2 in particular dudes catch my attention, roughly my age in the upper 20's maybe low 30's. They walk by and are looking my direction. I see them out of the corner of my eye looking at me for a weird amount of time... I figure there was a sports car or something to my other side, I check... nope. Nobody there.
They look away, still talking.

I figure everything is fine and I'm making stuff up.

They look back again.

This time I look their way.

They immediately look away.

I shrug it off and return my gaze to the stop light, waiting for it to change. "That was weird" I say to myself.

They again turn back to me but kind of stutter in their step. I turn to look at them again, this time acknowledging them with a little nod of my head. I then hear muffled yelling from the left guy "[mumbled yelling] -is that?" I raise my hand to the side of my head (wearing a modular full face helmet) and yell back "What?!" He yells back louder "WHAT BIKE IS THAT?" I reply giggling, "Rebel 500!" He grins like a kid seeing a candy store for the first time and yells back "NICE! I LIKE THE STYLE!" They both turn and begin walking again as I see him finger punching his cell phone, presumably taking a note down hopefully to buy his own. The light goes green, I rev it up and glide on my way home.

Story #2
4pm rolls around at my office and I grab my gear to head home. "It's 94F outside so this will be a cooking lesson in making ball-soup..." I think to myself, not looking forward to this gauntlet of traffic, hot ass pavement, and only 8 mile trip home which can take upwards of 35-40 minutes on the worst days. I go down to the garage level of our office building and start gearing up, take the brake lock off, all the normal routine. I sit on my bike and realize a rider next to me is also gearing up. I give him a nod silently as I get my phone turned on for Spotify. Then I hear "I like your bags." Not expecting conversation I turn to him, "...What? Sorry." He says again, "I like your bags you have, those are sick!" I immediately start laughing and look down at my cheapo, but (in my opinion nice looking) MOLLE bags I got off amazon and just looped them around the frame. We have a short conversation, and he's like, "Man they changed that body a ton. It looks great!" then says "That's a larger engine, isn't it?" I tell him there's a 300 and 500 model and he continues to just say "Man, that's a nice ride." like 3 times over. We finally say our goodbyes and ride safe's, I back out and take off but at this point I'm having a good grin because the guy talking to me is suiting up in a dope leather jacket and throwing his legs over a burly ass Harley Davidson that must have been 1000-1200cc at LEAST. But my little ole Rebel 500 still turnin' heads like it was prom night at high school.

I'll attach a photo so you can see one of the bags he was referring to. I have a larger bag on the right, same position but on the lower cross-bar so it's at the same angle as my hamstring. It basically sits on the heat shield for the exhaust.
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Jesus #1 was almost verbatim. At a light I see gesturing in the corner of my eye. These two guys had rolled down their truck windows and were waving at me and yelling. I have earplugs and music so I cut it as quiet as I can. I couldn't hear them but I heard "what" and saw "bike". I assumed they asked what bike is that. I yelled Rebel 500 and they both start giving thumbs up and I hear "that's fucking rad, brother!"

Another time I pull up to a light and this car pulls up on my right. The back window rolls down and this little kid starts waving. The front windows roll down and the two adults start gesturing like rolling the throttle. I twist it a few times (which doesn't sound like much to me) but the kid starts laughing and flailing his arms like it's the best **** moment of his life. I shot a salute to him and he started flailing and laughing again. The adults gave me a thumbs up and the gal in the passenger seat mouthed thank you.

I catch women eyeing the bike up and down out of the corner of my eye. When I'm in the gas station I see people walk around the bike. When I was at the barber I saw a kid run up and point to the bike and start jumping up and down and turning back to his parents.

Yeah, that **** never happened to me on my old V-Strom. The best I ever got was "Bro, nice dad bike!" And when I drove my Miata a kid once yelled "Nice Miata, f****t." That was nice. I wish him well.

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Does Elicit a Reaction

I was riding back from lunch; heading back to work and a guy pulled up beside me at the intersection. He was probably in his late 20s, early 30s in a Golf GTI. He rolled down his window and asked: "what kind of bike is that?!" Told him the details and two available engine sizes. He snapped a photo and said thanks. "That's all stock? I'm going home to check that bike out!"

Sure does pique the interest of car drivers.

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had a super thick accent southern guy walk up to me saying "whert biake is that?" i respond "rebel 500"

hes looking all over it up and down he looks at me and says "can it wheelie?" i say "yeah but i haven't gotten it up yet sort of afraid at these early stages of life hahaha."

he says "man oh man.... i love doin a gerd wheelie, throw on a smaller back sprocket and you'll get em up easy as pie!"

i say "maybe one day!!!" and rev off hahaha
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