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A Sad Au Revoir, but not Goodbye

I first found this forum at the birth of the 2017 Rebel, I joined up and found a great group of Rebel owners.

Some new, some old (like me) but all were willing to help with advice, comment on discussions and offer support to beginners.

Like a lot of on-line forums there have been some unwanted guests (or trolls) but thanks to the great mods we have here, they had short life spans.

I've enjoyed robust discussions, witnessed some amazing Rebel transformations, and been envious of the journeys some of our members have shared with us.

While I was happy with my 500 for a few months, I came to the realization that I hadn't "bonded" with the bike. I've had many many bikes over the years and you get to know when you've hit "the bike".

Of course all that changes as technology advances and new bikes are offered to the market. I remember my eyes popping out of my head when I first saw a Honda CB750K2 in the 1970s, as soon as I rode one it was for me and served me well until marriage intervened.

Similarly, a ride on a buddy's BMW K1000RT transported me into a state of "I have to have one!". That beautiful lady served me well until the burden of growing children demanded a change to another set of four wheels.

After many years of "no bikes" I got a Vespa 300 GTS just do do run around errands, but still the "proper bike" bug was there, so after seeing the new Rebel, I thought it was the bike for me.

Unfortunately, after some time with the bike, and a lot of "zen soul searching", coupled with some recent news regarding my health, I decided that I wasn't Rebel worthy.

So the upshot is, I have new wheels.

A couple of days ago I was in the showroom just browsing but not focussed, when I saw a dusty shape in the corner. "What's that?" I asked. Turns out it was a 2017 model that had been sitting there unsold and they would "do a deal" for me if I was interested.

After some research and doing test fits on the bike, I bit the bullet and laid down the cash and I'm now the proud (and awed) owner of a:

2017 Honda CRF1000A Africa Twin.

While I may drift away from this forum, I'll still drop in from time to time in case I'm able to help anywhere.

I'd like to thank the mod team for their guardianship and all of the members for their contributions and support of the forum.

Till we meet again,

Best Regards to All.


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C'est la vie, mon chérie
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Congrats on your new ride, lots of luck with it! Enjoy!

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Sorry to see you go Jim. You've been a great contributor to this forum. I am envious about the Africa Twin though - maybe in a couple of years you'll be back with a new Rebel 1000 with an Africa Twin motor and have found your next Zen.
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Keith from Maine USA - Rebel R1
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Ahhh Jim Jim Jim, thanks for being one very valued member here.
I’m sure hundreds of Rebel owners around the globe have benefited to many of your somewhat detailed & well explained help posts & threads.

Don’t forget to post a pic here of your new purchase!
Enjoy your new bike..
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As much as I'm enjoying mine for now I've learned the Rebel is a fun bike for beginners and more, I do realize it does have its limitations and is not for everyone.

I'm still a newb here but I've seen how the experiences you've shared have helped out around here...very thankful for members on here who share such useful information.

Congrats on your new bike!
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Sorry to see you go Jim, but I have a feeling I'll see you on the African Twin board (going to get one myself). Thank you for all the knowledge and help on this board.
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Thank you for being a positive force.

2019 Honda Shadow Aero 750, 2017 Honda Rebel 500 (SOLD), 2018 Kawasaki Vulcan S 650 (SOLD)
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take care Jim, you had great replies and knowledge around here.
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All the best Jim. Like Twiz said, post a pic of the new passion.

Hold the Aussie flag high in the new forum mate.



668 The Neighbour of the Beast
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